Palet Natur | Nature's Palette

O ganylniad i'w ffordd o fyw cynaliadwy, mae Mari Elin yn defnyddio deunydd plahigion ac eitemau dargafyddedig i greu inciau naturiol er mwyn portreadu'r tirwedd o'i chwmpas.

In response to her sustainable lifestyle, Mari Elin uses plant material and found objects to create her own natural inks in order to portray the landscape that surrounds her.

Cynefin | Habitat

Gan ddefnyddio inciau naturiol mae Mari Elin wedi eu creu o ddeunydd naturiol, ynghyd â gwaith brodwaith a collage, ei bwriad yw portreadu hanes a chymeriad ei chynefin.

Using natural inks created by Mari Elin from natural materials, as well as embroidery and collage work, she aims to portray the history and character of her habitat.

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